What do we offer?

SANDELIUKUNUOMA.LT provides high quality services of storeroom, garages, underground parking and parking lots for rent.

Our MISSION – is to solve your problems of storing things. We believe that the storeroom rent that changes the storing of things at the apartments will become even more popular in the future.

Why choose us?


You will reach your storeroom, underground parking, garage or parking lot in Vilnius city within 15 minutes at any hour of the day.


Most of our storerooms are installed in modern construction buildings that is why in most cases you will be able to drive with the car right up to the storeroom doors or use a wheelbarrow. What is more, there is a possibility to install a fibre-optic internet and additional supply of electricity for servers or other means.

Optional security level

You can choose a storeroom with standard or armoured doors at the same location for additional EUR 6 per month – with armoured doors. If required we will help to install a local security system, fire alarm and other means of security.

Stable temperature

In our storerooms, it is never too cold or too hot: the temperature inside is always between 5 °C to 15°C. What is more, it is always dry that is why you can be sure that the things in your storeroom will not get wet or grow mould.

According to needs

Storerooms, underground parking, parking lots and garages rental prices are from EUR 20 per month. At any time you can switch the storeroom to a bigger or a smaller one, extend or reduce the renting period.