Short-term and long-term storage rental is our main business area.

Why choose us?

  • Convenient: Access all your storage locations in Vilnius within 15 minutes at any time, 24/7. Over 50 different locations in Vilnius.

  • Customizable: Choose the size of your storage space and the rental period. If your needs change, you can always move to another location in the city, increase or decrease your rented space, and order additional services (shelf rental, electricity access, enhanced ventilation, internet access, etc.).

  • No Commitments: In all our storage centers, you can terminate your rental immediately without additional conditions.

  • Economical: Discounts are available for advance payments.

  • Modern: Most modern storage units or garage doors can be accessed by car. Storage centers have special unloading areas with convenient access, parking spaces, and all necessary loading equipment (industrial lifts, carts, wheelbarrows, etc.). Buildings have constant cooling and/or heating, good ventilation, continuous pest control, and sanitary facilities with toilets. Major storage centers have keyless entry systems managed through mobile apps.

  • Security Options: Choose between standard or armored doors and additional security measures such as video surveillance systems with 30-day recording storage, individual alarm systems, individual fire alarm systems, and notifications to your mobile phone.

Services for Individuals:

  • Storage of belongings during home rental, renovation, or travel periods.

  • Seasonal item storage such as skis, bicycles, electrical equipment, boats, and other seasonal items.

  • Storage of cars, motorcycles, and their parts or tires.

  • Storage of household appliances, furniture, and other large items.

  • Storage of archival files, books, photo albums, computer equipment, or other valuable items under suitable conditions.

Services for Businesses:

  • Storage of trading stocks: an efficient way to manage seasonal goods, stocks, or raw materials.

  • E-commerce goods storage and dispatch with temporary access: an optimal choice for online trading companies.

  • Document archiving room rental: secure storage for accounting and other important documents.

  • Company equipment storage with 24/7 access: storage of technical equipment, tools, materials (cables, liquids, pipes, etc.).

  • Storage of large items: pallets, boxes, containers, etc.

  • Storage of company furniture during expansion, closure, or relocation.

  • Storage of excise, confidential, licensed property with restricted or controlled access.

  • Storage of event and exhibition equipment: for restaurants, cafes, filming, and other event organizers.


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