SANDELIUKUNUOMA.LT – storerooms, garages, underground parking and outdoor parking lots for rent.

We solve the problems of storing things for you. You can store your things temporarily in the storerooms until you move to your new home or finish your repairs, also for longer periods if you do not want to have tires, skis, boats, fishing rods and other things all over your home. Online-Shops and other kinds of small business owners can store various things (goods or document archives) in the storerooms.
We always apply discounts when renting a storeroom for a longer period. We also rent storerooms in 7 locations in Vilnius so it is not difficult to choose the best suited place. Because of the convenient location you will reach your garage or a storeroom within 15 minutes. Storerooms and garages for rent are from 3 to 100 square meters. Our storerooms are installed in modern construction buildings; additionally we can offer security, fire alarm systems, electricity, ventilation, sewage, internet services and other utilities.

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