Service termination memo

If you intend to terminate the services, please be reminded that under the agreement:

  • return keys, remotes, security cards, magnets and other property, if any;
  • the property must be returned by the date of the planned termination;
  • if you used your own locks, be sure to remove them;
  • overpayments and deposits, if any, after deduction of necessary expenses will be:
    • set off for other services provided;
    • or returned to the bank account specified by you, after inspection of the returned property within 30 days from the date of termination of the service.

We emphasize that all invoices must be paid by the date the property is returned, even if they are issued for a longer period than you plan to rent, such overpayments will be offset against services already provided in the future or refunded.


You can return keys or cards marked so that they can be identified to us:


Please note that if the property is not returned, the rent will continue to be charged according to the contract.

 If you have not already specified, please indicate the bank account in Lithuania and the beneficiary’s details to whom we should return the overpayments to


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