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Rent from 40€ /month
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For rent and for sale in this building:

  • Storerooms

Various sizes storerooms for rent – from 4 to 40 square meters. Storerooms under the dwelling. Dry, warm and secure. The temperature all year round is about 2-15 degrees. Central fire alarm system. Door measurements 2.00 x 1.00 m. Ceiling height 2.5 m. Accessible by lift, through a fire escape staircase or through the parking lot. A possibility to drive up to the storerooms doors with a car – comfortable, safe and fast. Accessible 24 hours per day.

Rental price – EUR 10-12 for square meter.

The minimum rental period – 3 months.


  • Underground parking

Underground parking lots under the dwelling for rent or for sale. Parking lot is warm and secure, with a fire alarm system and a video surveillance system. Accessible through the joint automatic gate or through the staircase.

Rental price – EUR 60-70 per month.

The minimum rental period – 3 months.


  • Garages

Garage under the dwelling for rent. Garage are secured, with electricity and with a fire alarm system, stable temperature. Automatic garage doors. Accessible through the joint automatic gate or through the staircase.  Various measurements from 4 – 40 sq.m. Ceiling height – 3m. Accessible with a car 24/7 (car height up to 1.90 m). Free Wifi internet on site. Best for motocicles, cars other goods storage.

The minimum rental period – 3 months.

Rental price – EUR 10-12 for square meter per month.

Theres a possibility to look at the property, just contact us via:

Phone: +370 616 44445

Email: paslaugos@sandeliukunuoma.lt 

Additional services

Additional services

• Shelving rental: 4 Eur/month (90cm x 45cm x 180 cm, 5 shelves), 5 Eur/month – (120cm x 45cm x 180cm, 5 shelves).
• Alarm system. Offers suggested individually.
• Additional electrical installation and accounting. Offers suggested individually.
• Video surveillance system. Offers suggested individually.
• Internet wifi/LAN - free.
• Insurance. Offers suggested individually.
• Additional ventilation. Offers suggested individually.
• Water. Offers suggested individually.
• Sewerage. Offers suggested individually.


Eitminų st. 14-102, Vilnius 12111, Lithuania


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